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If you are looking to establish your own fund, or even if you have an existing SMSF, CNR accounting is for you. Our services are designed to provide you a streamlined and cost effective solution for running your SMSF. We can provide you the following services.

  • Provide you the all the requisite information for setting up your own SMSF which would include procuring the trust deed, ABN and TFN for the SMSF, submitting form with the ATO for making an election to be regulated.

  • Annually, after the end of the financial year, we will prepare the annual financial reports, including operating statement, statement of financial position, notes to financial statements, annual member benefits statement, which contains member's tax and preservation components

  • Prepare and lodge the fund’s annual return (income tax return), calculate and advise of tax liability or tax refund due

  • Annual audit of the SMSF by an approved auditor and obtaining of an actuarial certificate where required

  • Provide you with detailed investments reports, such as investments movement report, and year-end market valuation report

  • Manage on an ongoing basis communications and correspondence with Australian Taxation Office
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