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Forming a Trust is one of the business structures commonly used by businesses. We can help you to establish Trust for your business and to draft a trust deed. We further extend our services to Tax Planning, preparing Business Activity Statements, Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns.
Discretionary trust is the most common form of trust. It is used for tax and asset protection planning.
A “deed” of discretionary trust is formally established by a settlor. The settlor is usually not a member of the family, but an unrelated person who “settles” a small sum to create the trust. Money, assets or even whole businesses are generally transferred into a trust by sale or gift.
The discretionary trust allows the parent or benefactor to retain control over distribution of both trust income and trust assets (through holding the position of trustee or controlling a company trustee). The assets do not normally constitute personal assets for bankruptcy purposes.
Discretionary powers give the trustee flexibility to vary income and capital distributions each year to minimize overall family tax, without incurring stamp duty or CGT – very useful where income of individual family members fluctuates from year to year.
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